One year of Motherhood

"A woman is a soul who carries a soul within her"


Motherhood, a special feeling coupled with divine emotions, sharing the strongest bond with your child. But being a mother is not an easy job. It is probably one of the toughest jobs, which comes with new responsibility. Unlike any corporate job, the job of a mother is not limited to just weekdays. As a mother you need to be ready 24*7, no matter what condition you may be in.

An year back we were blessed with a baby boy. The feeling when you hold your baby for the first time cannot be described in words. From the day your child is born, the transformation begins from a woman to a super mom.

Life changes completely when you have a baby. You have to be fearless and confident while at the same time you are nervous and scared .

The toughest time for us started when our baby started weaning. You have to try different flavours, different dishes  to make your baby comfortable. You start noticing small things like how many times he peed or pooped. And funny thing is you start noticing colour of poop and its consistency .

You cherish the moment when he turns for first time. When he sits, he crawls or walk for the first time. You start enjoying  every small things.

Everything is unpredictable. You sleep and you wake up to find your baby is not at the place he slept last night.

You cant get the happiness from any materialistic thing that one smile from your baby can give you. It takes all your worries, no matter how low you were feeling. All those sleepless nights become a routine of your life.  Whether you sleep or not but you will still have the energy to look after your baby, to be by his side when he needs you.

My mumma used to say “jab tum maa banoge tab pata chalega” and I had this sudden realisation, how right she was. I started respecting  my mom even more for all the sacrifices she made for me

Well its the best things that has happened to me till date, though it come up with lot responsibilities and sacrifices. I’m enjoying my motherhood. 🙂


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